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Head of the Development of International Relationships, Doctor of Philology, Professor – Zoia Adamia

8-12 March, 2009, Oxford, The Great Britain –“Oxford Summit of Leaders 2009” , International Socrates Award Ceremony. EBA business analytical center awarded our University with European Quality mark for appropriate high quality and competitiveness. The rector of the University “Rvali” was chosen as a member of The Club of the Rectors of Europe and was awarded with Diploma and robe of honor. Business contacts were established with various high institutions: exchange Master’s programs in international business and marketing with Spanish Universities, high school of Oxford (Exeret College), Caspian social university. Invitations from Malta and Spain are delivered.

Strategic directions of University internationalization:

  • regional and international partnership with the University;
  • carrying out regional and international conferences;
  • Participate in regional and international conferences;
  • attract the best students at the university (from the regions and from abroad);
  • attract the best professors at the university (from the regions and from abroad);
  • exchange programs;
  • Cooperation in the scientific field.

Partnerships with regional university:

• International Black Sea University (Tbilisi, Georgia);

• Tbilisi Teaching University Gorgasali (Tbilisi, Georgia)

• Sukhishvili Teaching University (Tbilisi, Georgia);

• Sukhumi-Abkhazian Academy of Science (Tbilisi, Georgia).

The partnership with foreign universities:

  • Rejib Tayip Erdoghan Rize University (Rize, Turkey);
  • Minsk Linguistic State University (Minsk, Belarusia);
  • Vladimir State University (Vladimir, Russia);
  • Graduate School of Management (Barcelona, Spain).

University of International Organizations / Associations:

  • Mevlana Exchange Programme (Turkey)
  • Smart Up in Georgia (Estonia)

Advisor from Georgia in the field of scientific research:

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Academician, President of Tskhum-Abkhazian Academy of Sciences Otar Jordania and members of Academy, professors in different fields.

Foreign professors-experts:

  • Habilate Dr., of Ekvtime Takaishvili Teaching University, Honorary Professor Imre Pacsai (Nyiregyhaza, Newhandza),
  • PhD, professor, international expert of Linguistics of Ekvtime Takaishvili Teaching University Tatiana Fedulenkova (Russia, Vladimir)
  • PhD, professor Simona Korsankova (Czech Republic, Brno)
  • PhD, professor Maria Koniushkevi (Belorussia, Grodno)
  • PhD, professor Tatiana Kompaniets (Spain, Barcelona)

Collaboration contract

1. LEPL Arnold Chikobava Institute of Linguistics, Professor Lali Ezugbaia, Tbilisi 17/10/2008

2. LEPL Paata Gugushvili Institute of economics, professor Ramaz Abesadze, Tbilisi 28/10/2008

3. LTD Sukhishvili University, professor Valeri Sukhishvili, Gori, Tskhinvali highway #9, 28/10/2008

4. LTD International Black Sea University, Professor Ahmet Tsetin Tsan, Tbilisi 30/10/2008

5. LTD Tbilisi Independent University “Gorgasali”, professor Mzia Katamadze, Tbilisi 18/08/2008

6. LEPL #3 Public School of Gardabani, Director Ferdous Iskandirov, Gardabani, Station str. #2, 01/10/2011

7. LEPL #4 Public School of Rustavi, Director Mamuka Khamkhadze, Rustavi, Leonidze str. #26a, 17/01/2011

8. LTD “Lampari” School, Director T. Menafire, Rustavi, Lomouri str. #6 17/01/2011

9. LEPL #11 Public School of Rustavi, Director Giorgi Shekiladze, Rustavi, Baratashvili str, #7, 17/01/2011

10. LEPL #2 Public School of Rustavi, Director Lali Erkomaishvili, Rustavi, Nikoladze str. #6, 17/01/2011

11. Rustavi Historical Museum, Director Nazi Pachikashvili, Rustavi, Mshenebeli str. #17, 17/01/2011

12. LEPL #17 Public School of Rustavi, Director Guranda Sirbiladze, Rustavi, Guramishvili str. #6, 24/10/2011

13. LTD “Georgian Tour”, Director Teona Nemsitsveridze, Tbilisi, Faliashvili str. 14, 25/04/2012

14. International Center of Foreign Languages, Director Lamara Kitoshvili, Rustavi, Meskhishvili str. #6, 30/04/2012

15. LTD “Vejini”, Director Natia Chaladze, Rustavi, Megobroba ave. #6, 15/05/2012

16. Rustavi City Hall, Mayor of Rustavi – Zakaria Darchiashvili, Rustavi, Kostava str #20, 27/04/2012

17. LTD “GuideHouse 2010”, Director – Tinatin Dekanosidze, Rustavi, Nikoladze str. 2, 06/06/2012

18. Diagnostic Center of Rustavi #1, Director Besarion Sarishvili, Rustavi, Odisharia str. 19, 15/06/2012

19. Rustavi Central Hospital, Director Papuna Bakhtadze, Rustavi, Saint Nino str. #3, 15/06/2012

20. City Council of self-governing city Rustavi, chairman of the City Council – Kakha Gurgenidze, Rustavi, Kostava str. #20, 15/06/2012

21. LTD “Old Tbilisi Hostel”, Director Lashari Kurdashvili, Tbilisi, 17/06/2012

22. LTD “Kartlos”, Director Kartlos Samarguliani, Rustavi, Meskhishvili str 4-46, 18/06/2012

23. Association of Georgian Banks, Director Zurab Gvasalia, Tbilisi, Shevchenko #5, 4/07/2012

24. Minsk State Linguistic University, Rector, professor Natalia Baranova, Minsk, 03/12/2012

25. Rize Recep Tayyip Erdogan University , Rector, professor Husein Karaman, Rize, 12/02/2014

England, 2009

Belarusian State University, 2013

Hungarian State University, 2013

Minsk State University, 2013



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