Career Promotion

There functions Career Promotion department at the Ekvtime Takaishvili Teaching University. The main goals are:

1. Researching labor market

2. Permanent monitoring of vacancies and informing students and graduates about it

3. Gathering employment data of university graduates and statistical analysis according to professions

4. Conducting social researches among students and graduates about their expectations, existing difficulties in employment sphere, active problems and etc.

5. Establishing collaborations with existing companies as in Kvemo Kartli region as well as in Georgia for increasing interest in potential employers towards university graduates

6. Attracting potential employers on the basis of memorandum for supporting students’ intern and practice programs

7. Organizing professional and career development training- courses (organizing meetings with representatives of leader companies and brands)

8. Trainings for developing skills of job searching, writing resume, cover letter and job interviews

9.Organizing meetings between students and graduates for sharing experience



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