Faculty of Bussiness Administration and Tourism

Head of Quality Assurance of the direction of Business Administration - Tsiuri Duruli - Professor, Academic Doctor of Economics

Head of Business Administration and Tourism – Nino Shavshiashvili – Associated professor, Academic Doctor of Economics.

Business Administration is the management process of business or non-governmental organization so that business remain stabile and continue to grow. It consists of a number of fields, ranging from the normal operations to the company management. There are many different roles that are related to business administration.

Business Administration includes such educational programs that are important as for startups and managers as well as for finance specialists, operation managers and also for HR staff. Interested people will have the opportunity to study all of above mentioned programs at the appropriate level , not only in theory but also in active learning.

At this stage University offers the following programs: Bachelor of Business administration and Master of Bank Management. Students also have opportunity to select additional minor programs: English Language and Literature and Tourism along with the major program of Bachelor of Business Administration.



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