University Mission

University Mission

University mission is to prepare high quality specialists with contemporary theoretical, methodological and practical knowledge, who will support the development of modern, legal, moral and high-democratic civil society.
University aims to give the first and the second step of higher education created according to sector and professional standards, also educational programs with realization, realized educational programs changeable according to social interest and modification; University offers and gives interested people higher academic and professional education with appropriate quality.

1. with educational programs that are based on national consciousness, liberal principles and are oriented on the needs of labor market based on knowledge.
2. With the unite system of Quality Management that guarantees quality education.
3. With various international educational projects that supports raising the quality of students competitiveness as on local as well as on international labor market.
4. with qualified human resources
5. with teaching resource that serves not only learning process but also teaching and research processes.
6. with the students’ academic and social supporting programs, cultural, sport and entertainment projects
7. With the social service programs that is oriented on social and intellectual support of population.
8. Mutual beneficiary relationship between students and potential employers.
9. Introduction of modern and objective systems for knowledge evaluation
10. Implementation of professional and certificate educational programs parallel with academic programs.



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